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deCycles Message Board Rules

We have posted this message board so that anyone interested may post messages regarding
deCycles or cycling in general. We spend countless hours on the trip getting to know each other and this is a way for us to get a jump start on that as well as continue the relationships long after our trips. The general Rule-of-Thumb is if you wouldn't say it on the trip or to your friends, don't say it here.

Please take one-on-one conversations off line, and use this forum as a place for general questions, cycling information, equipment exchanges, etc., unless the conversation is of general interest to others. The main reason for this is twofold:1) server space is not endless and 2) we wouldn't want to force our readers to wade through hundreds of personal messages. Use your correct email address so that others may contact you directly if they wish.

Advertising of a non-professional nature only is allowed in this forum. If you have personal equipment to sell or trade feel free to post that information here. If you are a manufacturer interested in supporting
deCycles, please contact us for sponsorship information.

Please use common sense when posting to this bulletin board. Most people who visit this site have more than likely visited other sites similar to this one and have learned basic netiquette. Use it here, and there should be no problems.
deCycles and its appointed web site administrators reserve the right remove messages and/or completely remove the site from production.