deCycles Cascadia 2021

deCycles Cascadia 2021 Invitation June 10-July 4(5)

Are you tired of being cooped up and locked down for the past year? Are you out of shape and longing to mingle with some really cool people? If so, how about an amazing adventure of a lifetime? The annual deCycles bicycle trip can be exactly what you need. You and your friends are invited to join the upcoming deCycles bicycle trip in the Cascadian northwest America. WOW! This route is loaded with exciting and unforgettable highlights. Most important, you will transform into a POWERFUL PERSON!

This 3-week, 1600-mile route begins in Seattle. After a daylong cycling tour of this bicycle friendly city, you will venture forward to the Pacific coastline for 2-days of cycling on the most scenic highway in America … the pristine Pacific Coast Highway in Washington and Oregon. Next up heading inland is the city of Portland and pedaling through one of the most spectacular river landscapes in the world … the Columbia River Gorge. The breathtaking sights through this river gorge are too numerous to mention. The deCycles will continue southeast through Oregon canyons and high desert to Boise, the capitol city of Idaho for the first weekend. On your rest day, you can rent a tube and float on the Boise River right through downtown. Hiking Table Rock above the city is awesome. And hot springs are nearby which is always a bike trip favorite.

Week #2 continues east to Twin Falls, Idaho for more waterfalls, hot springs, Snake River Canyon, and Craters of the Moon National Park, an eerie volcanic landscape on the way to Salt Lake City and the ski resort of Park City. This area of Utah is gorgeous. The second week will end in Vernal with a day shuttle to visit Dinosaur National Park. And finally Week #3 will be the most grandeur scenery while cycling through Central Colorado and climbing/descending the Continental Divide with overnights at ski resorts in Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Breckenridge. The trip will end descending down into Denver, the capitol city of Colorado. Wow, bike trips don’t get much better than this.

The Details

Dates: June 10 - July 4 (Alternate end date is July 5 to be determined)

Transportation: We will book your one-way flight to Seattle and offer a $100 flight voucher for the first 25-signups making your flight cost minimal. Your bikes and luggage will be shipped to Seattle. When the trip ends in Denver, you will be ground transported back to Bloomington for a patriotic holiday homecoming celebration.

Requirements: Student riders age 13-22. Beginners welcome. All levels of cycling ability are welcome. Don’t worry if you are 13-14. Hundreds of early teen riders have successfully completed deCycles trips in 28-years. Any young deCycles veteran knows you can do it. Adult riders: Any age. The oldest rider in deCycles history has been 80.

Equipment: Late model multi-speed road bike, helmet, 2-waterbottles, cycling apparel. We can help you find a bike if you don’t have one. See other pages on this website for equipment requirements.

Training: Upon acceptance of your registration, you will be notified of training requirements. Minimum 700-miles training starting in April.

Cost: Less than $20/day including meals, overnight accommodations, luggage transfer, travel to/from west coast, light mechanical & repairs. The deCycles is the deal of the century. For example, Backroads Vacation bicycle trips are usually $700-800/day. deCycles is absolutely your best value in travel.

Pandemic: The deCycles successfully completed last summer’s 1505-mile trip around the Great Lakes during the COVID pandemic. It was the healthiest and safest deCycles trip ever! No sniffles and no sickies, and the deCycles will again be prepared to do what it takes to make the upcoming trip as safe and healthy as possible just like last year.


Registration is closed. The roster is full.

Bike Trip Fee

$475: One full payment with registration

- OR -

$600: Two-step payment plan. Minimum $250 deposit with registration. $350 balance due April 10, 2021.

$200: Add to above fee if you are not a full time student or if your age is 23 and over.

-- No trip fee or ground transportation costs for adult support van drivers --

Seattle Transportation Options

deCycles flight on June 10. Estimated airfare to Seattle is $150. You will be informed when airline payment is due.

- OR -

deCycles Ground Transportation: Cost is $50. 3-day roadtrip to Seattle. (departing June 8 at 6:00am)

- OR -

I will arrange my own transportation to Seattle, WA

Student Airfare Promotion

- First 25-student applicants (1-25) accepted receive $100 discount for one-way airfare to Seattle on June 10.

- Student applicants & adults not qualifying for airfare promotion can contact deCycles for airfare options.

- Student applicants must be 13-22 and currently enrolled full time in MS, HS, or college to qualify for the airfare promotion.

- Trip fee must be paid in full with trip application to qualify for the airfare promotion.

- When application and trip fee is received & accepted, you will be notified regarding your student airfare status.

- Students awarded airfare promotion will be charged the full airfare price if unused for any reason.

- Any and all transportation payments are due in full on or before April 10, 2021.