About Us

The deCycles is a nonprofit ecumenical youth leadership program offering high spirited summer bicycle trips for teenagers and young adults. The history of the deCycles dates back to 1968 with over 1800 riders pedaling five million rider miles. The cyclists ride in groups of six on roads chosen for the best combination of riding surface, safety, facilities, and scenery. Several motorized sag vehicles monitor and support the entire group of riders throughout the day. Rest stops with food, juice, and water are planned every 20-25 miles. A cargo truck transports all luggage, equipment, and supplies.

Overnight accommodations are provided by church or school gyms and are prearranged. The group will often have free time in the evenings to tour the town, see a movie, or talk to townspeople about their adventures. Evenings are also spent singing songs, conversing and writing letters back home. And on the final day of the trip, a homecoming ceremony is scheduled for parents, relatives, friends and interested townspeople. This final celebration of music, tales, and testimony is extremely heartwarming and enjoyable by all. The hardest day of the trip is the last day, when it is over.

Basic Purpose

The deCycles bicycle trips are designed for participants to learn more about themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. At first, some are hesitant or fearful about this challenge. To ride a bike this far may seem difficult or impossible. For the entire trip, the deCycles program will help them focus on maximizing their potential and discovering their own inner strength. Teamwork and attitude will help get them down the road. And ultimately, they can gain a clearer understanding of themselves, of others, and of their place in this world. The riders will enjoy tremendous satisfaction and self-esteem upon completing this journey. The personal rewards will last a lifetime! Beginner cyclists are welcome. In fact, most deCycles riders have no previous experience with long distance cycling.