The deCycles veteran leadership is 100% unpaid and volunteer oriented. The following is a list of the people who have put this program together and moved over 1500 young cyclists on thousands of miles of U.S. and Canadian highways since 1996:   

NORM HOUZE is a doctor practicing in Bloomington, IN. A veteran of more than 27 cross-country deCycles trips, he is a former bike racer, coach of several cycling teams, sports medicine specialist and trainer, and has organized dozens of adult and youth bicycle trips. Norm has served as the tour director and on-road supervisor for the bike trips.

CRICKET HOUZE is an office supervisor and youth coordinator at her church. A former elementary school teacher, she is a veteran staff member of more than 21 deCycles bike trips. Cricket spends countless hours securing overnight locations and pre-trip organization. She has served as the devotions leader and official "Mom" of deCycles.

BOB AUSTIN, a veteran of more than 20 deCycles trips, is a retired teacher/band director in Bloomington, IN and has served as the off-road supervisor overseeing cargo, maintenance, security, and general youth supervision on the bike trips. Bob's devotion to the deCycles program has been priceless.

PENNY AUSTIN is a retired elementary school teacher in Bloomington and road support veteran of more than 14 deCycles trips. Penny has helped in the kitchen and has been a contact person for organizing police escorts, securing overnight stays, setting up send-off and arrival ceremonies, and countless other things. Her efforts have also been priceless.

ROBIN HOUZE is a data systems specialist for the University of Louisville. A deCycles veteran of more tha 17 trips and former bike racer, he has served as the official deCycles "Mapman" showing us the way. Robin also served as the communications specialist and spends countless hours before the trip searching for the best roads and the best maps.

Contact Information
Norm Houze, deCycles director
4165 Judee Dr.
Bloomington, IN  47401