Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"I remember the log cabin church in Jackson, WY when Jack busted out the song 'In The Name Of Love' and 'All You Need Is Love'. I will remember that moment forever, because I experienced an incredible feeling of satisfaction and contentment on a trip of a lifetime."
Kim Gerbers, IU senior and deCycles Rookie and Rider of the Years 2000-2001.           

"The video of the trip was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. It serves as a wonderful salute to our country and is a cherished chronicle of the best summer adventure I've ever been on. The memories of our 'Ride For Peace' has inspired me and brought a smile to my face in the many days since."
Jason Atwood, Georgetown University sophomore.

"I enjoyed the trip video so much that when I sensed that it was coming to an end, I said, 'Oh no, I want more!' With the subject matter itself, add in some great participants and could the end result not be top notch. What a wonderful production!"
Katy Ratcliff, mother of 5-trip veteran Maura Ratcliff.

"I was not sure what to expect. I didn't know a single person and was nervous. I was challenged in every way possible and made so many new friends. I am more motivated and positive-minded because of the trip. I realize that I can conquer my problems. I am so thankful."
Dominic Freiburger, recent IU graduate.

"I have watched the deCycles video five times now and will never sicken of it."
Susan Ludwig, mother of rookie rider Amanda Ludwig.

"Every time we came to a hill someone would come up behind me and give me a push up the hill. The biggest surprise that I got was when Sarah Johnson, who was just 15 years old pushed me up a couple of hills. I was really amazed at all of the help that I got from everyone."
LeRoy Henry, 79 deCycles elder statesman.

"How long does the deCycles effect last? Our daughter eats right, makes her bed, cleans up, and is extremely happy since she returned from the trip."
Doug Johnson, parent of rookie rider and BHSS sophomore Sarah Johnson.

"deCycles is truly an experience I'll never forget."
Jeremy Hess, IU Senior and deCycles 2002 Rookie of the Year.

"Saw u guys heading up the hill in West Newton PA, just wanted to give u support! Way to go everyone!!!!!! Even my 1 year old like watching u!"
Posted on the deCycles website message board

"Chase, now that you have a good crash under your belt, let's keep the rubber down and tires vertical. Horizontal tires don't work so well. Good luck tomorrow and have a great ride!"
Adam Borders

"I want to thank deCycles for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip. It was such an amazing experience for me and never thought I could ever achieve something so big. I found an inner part of me not seen before. I learned patience, I learned to push harder, and I learned to be a leader and take responsibility for myself. I now have two families with deCycles. Thanks so much."
Maggie Kennedy, 13 deCycles Rookie Rider of the 2011.

Letter written by member of Stowe Community Church:
A few days ago, the local church to which I now belong to here in Stowe, hosted a large group of student cyclists cycling from Indiana, to NYC and through New England. Their journey included commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/ll and visiting Ground Zero and those other sites forever etched in the minds of freedom loving people.

Their visit included an overnight stay at the church while touring Vermont. During a BBQ hosted by the church, the group shared their history and purpose for their ride for peace. My husband and I were amazed by this unique group.

I was told by a proud grandfather, an adult leader and military veteran, of the change in his grandson as a result of this trip and the events inspiring it.  The young cyclists were kind, thoughtful, and gracious in their gratitude for the church providing food and shelter. We were moved by their marathon achievement and we noted their emotion as they shared their story.

I felt an immediate sense of connection with the
deCycles leadership for this inspiring demonstration of physical and mental courage. They seemed to understand their duty as an American. I felt keenly that each one of those cyclists felt similarly.  I was very humbled.

As I head towards becoming an American citizen myself, those cyclists for me epitomized what being an American is.  They were very inspiring

Sincerely, Lesley Rust