Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"I've been writing my entire life and am at a loss. The deCycles is a gift and this trip has touched me. It's much more than a bike trip."
Erin White, IU Junior in journalism

"It's still hard for me to believe I have pedaled a bike from Bloomington to New York. Most of us were chubby and weak before the trip. Now we are all lean, mean, cycling machines. I just know my new muscles and awesome tan will be babe magnets when I get back home."
Eric Hodina, BHSS sophomore

"Cricket's phrase 'possibility junction' spins around in my head and everyday I learn that somehow 'it is possible'!Abbey Martin, Northwestern University senior and 6-trip veteran.

"We were taken out of our comfort zone many times in the last 3-weeks and we had the time of our lives"
Norm Houze, deCycles Director in media interview.

"The toughest day of the trip is when it is over."
Lauren Demming, George Washington University sophomore and 4-trip veteran.

"I feel like I should send a thank-you note every day because my life has changed since the trip. It's the little things, believing that I can tackle anything that comes my way. I brag about my trip in all my classes in college."
Erin White, IU Junior in journalism.

"I can see a big improvement in Colin over his participation on the past four trips. It's going to make a big difference in his future."
LeRoy Henry, 79, Colin's grandpa, deCycles Staff and oldest rider on 1999, 2002 trips.

"It gives us pride and blessings that Mark is part of such a wonderful organization."
Holly Bourdon, mother of rookie rider Mark Bourdon.

"I'm having a good time explaining to my family and friends what deCycles is all about. Thanks so much for a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life".
Aaron Rotman, Toronto, Canada HS sophomore

"As a member of the congregation of First United Church of Christ in Quakertown, PA, I know I speak for all our church folks that met and fed you and your group on Friday evening in saying that your trip to New England is very inspiring to us. It was indeed a pleasure to meet and congregate with you and your wonderful group. What a fantastic experience for the young cyclists. It has to be truly an experience of a lifetime for each amd every one of them and I'm sure for you and your fellow leaders a source of great pride in aiding in their spiritual development. Seeing your young group interact makes me feel comfortable about the future leaders of our wonderful country. Attached are several photos that I took and wanted to share with you and your group. God bless you all and God's speed for the remainder of your trip to Burlington VT."
Frank Bellantese
EZ-Audits, LLC
PO Box 416
Quakertown, PA 18951-0416

"Thank you for joining us in worship. The Union Church of Boston family was enriched by your presence and we hope that your spirit was refreshed during our service of worship and praise as well as our fellowship in Cooper Hall. If the church staff can serve you in any way, we will welcome the opportunity. If travel or circumstances afford you another opportunity to visit, we will welcome you with open arms. Until we meet again, keep the faith!"
All my prayers, Rev. LaTrelle M. Easterling

"Great job deCycles! I have following the progress all these weeks and just wanted to congratulate you all on an excellent trip. Great times and great memories are made on these trips!"
Posted on the deCycles website message board

"Hi to all of you that I met when I "joined" deCycles for a couple of hours on Monday 11 july. It was great to meet so many of you, riders and non riders. A special thanks to Mike for making me feel so welcome and riding at my pace. I have added deCycles to my favourites and will look out for you on your future adventures."
Many thanks and safe riding, Keith Alderson