Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"I would not be the same person without my experiences with deCycles. Thanks for getting me involved in this wonderful program."
Wes Kelley, IU senior, 2000 Rookie of the Year, Chief Mechanic 2001.

"The deCycles is a fantastic, caring, loving group of people. Sarah has grown and she is adjusting to things in life much better. I know there will be many long-range effects in many areas of her life."
Susan Stone, mother of 2001 rookie rider Sarah Stone.

"Chris came back a changed person, a man we are prouder of."
Kathy Shickles, mother of 2001 rookie rider Chris Shickles.

"Thanks deCycles for guiding Jacob and Nick through such a wonderful journey. They both had a great time and I think have developed and matured in many ways. The journals and photos made this nervous Mom feel much better as I read them throughout the trip."
Linda Sinex, mother of veteran Jacob and rookie Nick Sinex.

"We have just left the welcome home ceremony for the 2001 deCycles. Our kids our exhausted, and yet, we are so proud of all these kids who have grown so much ... back home safely ... that none of us can sleep."
Pat & Jane Martin, parents of veterans Abbey, Jeannie, and Wes. The entire family has a combined total of 15 deCycles trips in 6-years.

"The deCycles trip truly opens your eyes. It adds to your life and you really grow up on the trip."
Isabelle Seale, 2000-2001 veteran interviewed by Bloomington newspaper.

"Everyday was a wonderful day. Being able to watch the kids mature and bloom was exciting. I loved watching their faces as they viewed the grandeur of Yellowstone National Park."
David Donathen, adult road support volunteer on deCycles Rocky Mountains 2001.

"This is an amazing trip. Everyone here has a team riding mentality. Each group member is looking out for the other. This is very unique & rewarding."
Scott Schroeder, 2001 rookie rider.

"Thanks for another great ride this year. I have finally got a couple of good nights rest and all. Anyway all in all a good 3 weeks-bridges and all. I went into town Tue. and ran into some of the kids - what odds. Just to let you know - I got the BEST thank you while I was picking stuff up at Staples. I was getting in the car and a SUV pulled up and the ladyyelled deCycles - then Dan. One of the moms spotted me (without deCycles clothes) and thanked me for going and helping get them down the road. That's the best thank you of all - unsolicited. Anyway keep things going and THANKS."
Dan Criswell

"It was a pleasure to be able to open our doors and welcome them here in North Conway.  I'm sorry it was a bit crowded, but they're a flexible group and made it work." 
Blessings, Susan Buchanan, Minister of Christ Episcopal Church of North Conway, NH.

"Thanks so much for allowing us to come on this amazing trip.  Both Dave and I said we thought this was the best trip ever, and we have wonderful memories to look back on for a long time to come."
Much love, Dave and Nancy Seiling

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you both for the amazing experience that you have just provided to our daughter, Maggie.  We became aware of deCycles through friends whose children have done previous rides with you.  We asked Maggie if it would be something that would interest her even though she had never had any road biking experience and, being only twelve at the time, had never been away from home for more than a week!  Always one for adventure, she shrugged and said "sure".  After checking out your website and seeing the journey to be taken, her interest piqued more.  Through the months of training, we were amazed at the transformation that took place from beginning rider to a strong rider who would come home from a training ride with a big grin because she just pumped up a huge hill or pulled off 90 miles and still had energy to go out on the trampoline with her brother and sisters that evening!  We are so very proud of her for even "wanting" to do something of this magnitude, the dedication she put into her training and the transformation in strength and confidence that she built, both emotionally and physically.  Though Maggie ultimately pushed each peddle stroke on her own, it was possible because of your complete and total belief in her, your constant can-do attitude and the absolute giving of yourselves and your time to train her and to make this trip happen.  We cannot fully express our gratitude to you both for your time, talent and dedication to this wonderful program!  It is an experience of a lifetime that Maggie will always treasure!"
Forever grateful, Jim and Elaine Kennedy