Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"There were advanced riders and beginner riders. The amazing thing is that they somehow got down the road together at the same time."
Bob Austin, educator. 1997-98 Staff Rider.

"It's really special to be a part of this. This isn't something you see every day!"
Hank Sonnenberg, educator. 1997-98 Staff Driver.

"I've never done anything in my life so enriching or meaningful than this trip!"
Jeannie Martin, BHSS sophomore. 1997 deCycles Rookie of the Year.

"I fell in love with the riders and staff. I'm closer to God because of this trip!"
Tanya Seiling, missions. 1998 Staff Driver.

"It definitely pushes you! If you're too tired, it doesn't matter, you still have to do the mileage each day. After that experience everything else seems easy." It is such an incredible experience both mentally and physically. You have so many stories to bring back home. I have to come back. I can't imagine a summer without doing deCycles."
Isabelle Seale, BHSS sophomore & 2-year veteran.

"It gives me something to do other than sitting around watching TV."
Wes Monts, Batchelor 8th grader. Rookie in 2001.

"We're so used to being active now that while we watched TV, we ended up arranging the living room."
Nadia and Annysa LaMantia, freshmen at BHSN and 2001 rookies.

"The trip helped me nutritionally and spiritually. It helps you grow as an athlete and as a person. If there are things you are not happy about yourself, you have plenty of time to reflect on them during the ride. I think I am more self-disciplined, and my social skills have much improved."
Matt Jensen, Jackson Creek Middle School student and 2001 rookie.

"I will never forget the people I've met and the places I've gone on deCycles!"
Matt Kull, Ft. Lauderdale HS student and 2001 rookie.

"Words cannot express my gratitude for the impact deCycles has had on my life. Thanks for everything."
Kim Gerbers, IU sophomore, 2000 Rookie of the Year, 2001 Rider of the Year

"Samara said the trip changed her life as it has ours.  There's no other group quite like deCycles, and we are honored to be a small part  of it. Thanks again for all your hard work and the genius behind each trip."
Love, Dave and Nancy Seiling

"It is so great to hear how well he did! I am so very proud of him! I bet the focus on the same goal of 1500 miles causes the kids to bond easily. It was all worth it when we saw him smiling and laughing!!!"
Thanks! Diana Borders

"I believe deeply in the deCycles mission and it's because of that that I'm happy, even anxious, to contribute to the program.  The trip for me is an important reminder that we value most in life the things we have to work to achieve." Mike Cambron, deCycles 2011 Chief Mechanic

"I enjoyed the van driving, despite the long days. I'm glad that Andy enjoyed the trip. Thank you so much for providing a good environment for our children. Andy and I will be in your debt forever."
Best wishes, Jim Capshew¬ł deCycles veteran