Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"I have cried every time I think about this bike trip. It means so very much to me."
Venus McCoy, IU sophomore, 1998 deCycles Rider of the Year.

"I am so grateful for the support and guidance I received on the bike trip."
Abbey Martin, BHSS senior. 1997 deCycles Rider of the Year.

"People are amazed when I tell them what we did. I'm amazed myself! I even feel more healthy. Until this trip, it's probably been 30 years since I ate a banana."
Robin Houze, accountant. 1998 Staff Rider.

"Your arrival ceremony was very powerful for those parents & myself. The courage, fatigue, determination, solidarity, and love came across very clearly."
Rick Owens MD. Parent of rider Emily Owens.

"The bike trip sounded so extreme. I didn't think it was for me. But once I decided to go, it was beyond all my expectations, more than I have ever done before. It's been the greatest experience of my life, and I have no regrets."
Coraline Haitjema, BHSS senior.

"At first I didn't want to go. It didn't seem like fun at all. My seven deCycles trips have been an unforgettable and awesome experience. I'm glad my parents made me go on that first trip."
Daphne Houze, IU freshman. 1995 deCycles Rookie of the Year.

"The first time I saw 60 riders with yellow shirts, flags, in riding formation in a big city police escort, it was so exciting. I wanted to be out there too!"
Jennifer Adkins, 1998 Staff Driver.

"I saw you coming into Bloomington. It was a parade and looked like right out of a movie. All those yellow shirts, orange flags, and riders shouting out with joy that they were coming home. It was wonderful!"
Marianne Ackerson, Pre-College Piano Teacher at IU.

"This trip will encourage you to spread eagle's wings. Fly like an eagle! It takes a special teamwork on a typical deCycles day of riding."
Paul Arnesen, dentist. 1997-98 Staff Rider, 1972 deCycles Rider of the Year.

"It was good for Keenan to be with kids who are just as smart if not smarter, just as fast if not faster and just as engaged with life as he is!  Go deCycles and thank you for providing such an awesome ‘play pen’ for so many people!!"
Ann St. John & Michael May

"Thank you very much for providing Grant a terrific experience. He really enjoyed the trip and all the people involved. I continued to be impressed with the logistics and moving parts of this trip. You made so many big and  little things special.  The return to Bloomington was terrific – Wow!! I know something about this will probably show up in a college application question response!!"
Best regards, Beth Nice

"Keenan gave about a 15 minute report in front of all 14 family members last night (with notes) about the deCycles trip.  What a life changing experience!!  But I don’t have to tell you that. Gosh, thanks AGAIN for everything you do."
Love, Ann St. John

"Thanks again for putting this on and equipping my daughter to feel like she can take on the world!"
Nathan Seiling