Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"What a blessing to have gotten to go on the trip...a challenging blessing (if there is such a thing) but a blessing nonetheless. I came to tears again last night in sharing with a friend...or trying to share...the emotions of watching the riders push & struggle on the hills and to get down the road - long miles and high temps and to get to cheer them on and celebrate with them as they did. It didn't matter if it was one more hill or one more mile than they had done the day before, whatever their individual 'better', 'more' or 'deeper' was, they were heroes to me because they took a challenge that was full of uncertainty and went for it. In life, not everyone will be the fastest or the strongest but everyone can make a difference and it usually happens one day, one step, one pedal at a time and with strength and courage of heart. I am so thankful to have gotten to see that grow in the riders. My hope for them is that they will draw from that throughout their lives. Grace and peace,"
Sherri Clarke, adult volunteer

"GREAT accomplishment. Congrats to all the cyclists and support team."
Bloomington resident

"Just an outstanding accomplishment... what great perseverance as a group... something they can cherish for a lifetime... Congratulations to all!!"
Bloomington resident

"What did you do on summer vacation? Biked from San Francisco to Bloomington. You? Yep! Amazing!"
Bloomington resident

"I look forward to reading the accomplishments of this group each summer! May safety and wonderful adventure be yours!!"
Bloomington resident

"I want to thank you and all the adult volunteers for instilling a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment that beams from Owen when I hear him describe his adventure to friends and family. For that, I am forever grateful. Ride like the wind"
Tom Hayes, parent

"Words cannot express my sincere and deep gratitude for the amazing servie and passion with which the deCycles leadership shares with so many. You are the model of the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. We are so luck Whitney could have such an amazing summer experience. Please know how grateful we are. Love,"
Sandy Biggs, parent 

"I want to thank you for all the encouragement and support during this deCycles trip and all past trips. These trips have a special place in my heart. The cycle and lifestyle is so simple, but really brings out the best in others. As you say time and time again, the pain makes us stronger. We all travel through life one pedal stroke at a time. Love,"
Will Brumleve, 3-trip
deCycles veteran

"I can’t even begin to thank you for all the time and effort you put into this year’s deCycles trip. I admire and respect the deCycles family. I had such an amazing experience on this year’s trip and that was only made possible by the hard work of all the adult volunteers. The deCycles has had such a profound impact on my life and I hope it has had the same influence on the rest of the riders. I hope that the memories made on this year’s trip will last forever and continue to hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you so much for your countless efforts to make the deCycles trip meaningful to all. Love,"
Whitney Biggs,
deCycles group leader

"This trip was truly life changing for me. It made me dig deeper inside myself to find that mental and physical strength to get through the day. It made me realize that biking is just like life. There are going to be difficult mountains to climb like the Sierras in Nevada, and we will reach the summit with determination. I have been taught so much on my two deCycles trips. This trip taught me to be strong, never give up, and find confidence somehow. It taught me to have a good attitude and how it can affect others. I was taught there is beauty in all things no matter how small or whether I was in Kansas. I am inspired to continue my life in this way and am blessed to spend 4 weeks on the road with deCycles. I am forever grateful."
Love, Maggie Kennedy, 2-trip
deCycles veteran

"I would love to go on this trip, but can’t, so I’m baking a bunch of cookies for you.. I loved doing this and hope you all recognize what an incredible and unique journey you have embarked on. The deCycles is truly an amazing opportunity and your very presence on the trip shows lots of courage. I know you all can make it. A few words of advice....laugh a lot, enjoy the scenery, and never forget the hard work of Norm, Cricket, Robin, Bob, and Penny.

I am eternally grateful for my experiences with deCycles and am grateful to these leaders who make it possible. Finally, I wish you all the best of luck and crossing my fingers that you do not encounter hail, broken bones, closed roads, etc. Take care of yourselves and others. And someone please make sure Cricket eats one of my cookie treats. Such a sweet lady deserves a taste of something sweet and yummy. Remember, carrots are for the road, cookies are for off the road. Much love,"
Miriam Kerler, 4-trip
deCycles veteran