Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
~ page 11 ~

"Thanks SO MU CH for the links. The pictures are terrific and so are all of you who are helping. Can't believe you had probably the hottest week on record in some of your areas. These kids will be talking about this forever. What a wonderful experience!! Wish I could have done it when I was at IU. Thanks again to everyone."
Kay Nowinski, parent

"I'm loving these updates - its taking me back 10 years when we traveled to some of the same cities on our deCycles trip - ride like the wind! Tell Cricket hello!!"
Jay Minner, 2001 deCycles veteran

"I remember these views and the day I rode Trail Ridge. It was a long 20 some miles, but so rewarding at the end!"
iMele Klein Feller, 3-trip veteran

"What an incredible role model! Thank you Cricket for all you do for these kids!! xoxo"
Michelle Moore, parent

"I love seeing the route on the map! Thanks for all the pictures and updates!! This is gorgeous it in Colorado!! Have fun deCycles ... enjoy!!!"
Renee Rich, parent

"THANK YOU!!!!!!!"
Sue Holler, parent

"I can't thank you enough for another great summer for Emily. She really grew on this one!!"
Jodi Moon, parent 

"Alex did grow significantly from the trip. It was a real eye opener for him. Up close and personal is what deCycles brings to these riders. A once in a lifetime experience."
Dave Houze, parent and Norm’s brother

"Hello Norm & Cricket! Just emailing to make sure you've recovered from our fantastic cross- country journey. I also want to thank you for the wonderful experience I was taken on. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. I know the work that was put into the trip was truly hard, and everyone appreciates it. I can't wait to see everyone next year! Thanks!"
Zach Howe #33

"You all are crazy in a wonderful way. We just did the Trail Ridge Road in a car and it was scary at times. I can only imagine the thrills you experienced on two wheels."
Larry Shuchart,
deCycles veteran adult volunteer

"Kaleb still talks about how generous the churches were for housing and food!! Thanks again for hosting deCycles this year :)"
Renee Rich, parent