Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"Thanks so much!  We are delighted for Bo to go again!!"
Michelle Henderson

"I'm so excited to be going on the trip this year and I'm sure it will be a blast."
Brian Shuchart, 5-trip deCycles veteran   

"Again.... thanks for much for providing this opportunity/adventure to Mackenzie and so many others."
Ruth Dube'

"It's hard to believe my little boy is now taller than me and has already been on 5 deCycles trips.  Brian is enjoying his freshman year at James Madison University in VA.  He is on a club team and will be racing in a few weeks at NC State, the Naval Academy and a few other east coast schools.   You guys really have been a positive influence on him and many others.  Keep up the good work!"
Thanks, Larry Shuchart

"I applaud you for dedication to the kids, the sport and the lifestyle of cycling.  I hope one day to have one of my kids ride the ride, maybe this year. Thanks for doing this event."
Bob Holahan, Bicycle Garage

"You have an amazing mentoring and leadership program. On behalf of the Union United Methodist Church family, we are delighted to have been part of the journey of the deCycles this year. It was awesome to witness the energy and discipline of your entire crew. I know that it will serve these young people well. We pray many blessings to you and for current and future riders. Thank you for the photos and emails. We look forward to your next trip!"

Blessings and Miracles,
Rev. Catharine A. Cummings
Associate Pastor, Union United Methodist Church
485 Columbus Ave. Boston, MA 02118
(617) 536-0872 Office
(617) 536-4554 Fax

"I have the trainer set up ready to work off all the food for Thanksgiving. I thought about deCycles on Veteran's Day as well.  Thanks again for all the memories."
Jim Schopper (# 20)

"We are very thankful that our lives lead us to Bloomington and eventually our children discovered the wonderful program of deCycles. Our kids have both been changed in very positive ways by participating on these bike trips and discovering inner strength and capability. For this we are very grateful!!"
Jenny, Frank, Jes, Jon, and Georgie  (10 and waiting………)

"I wanted to take a minute and be thankful for deCycles. I was driving with the kids to my hockey game last night and we were talking about things. Samara mentioned that last week was pretty easy, but she then said that before deCycles, that week would have been really hard. She then talked about how deCycles changed her. Showed her that she can be more than she was. Gave her such responsibility for that 3 weeks and changed how she looks at the world and at problems. Thank you for your input into her life."
Nathan and Tanya Seiling