Testimonials - What others have said about deCycles
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"Delighted to see the photos. It looks beautiful. Go deCycles!!!"
Facebook comment

"Delilah and I will be there!! ;-) Sending you all positive energy and huge hugs!!"
Sue Eastwood, deCycles veteran

"Hi Cricket, By now, 10 am on Monday June 25, I’m thinking your group may have already arrived in Park City. You were wise to get an early start, as today is supposed to be another “killer.” This weather has been totally unlike what we normally get in June, so I’ve been thinking of/praying for deCycles all weekend. I was so relieved to see your van and all the cyclists when I arrived at church yesterday morning. It was a delight to have the group participate in our service – truly wonderful!! The music/words were a terrific testimony. I especially loved seeing the young man in the front row with a huge smile on his face, really getting into it, with all the words memorized, etc. I went downstairs after the service to meet you, but you were talking to the youth who were all sitting around tables. Thank you for leaving the premises so spic and span. It’s not often that a group of this size stays here without leaving any evidence behind! We were blessed by your presence and happy to be introduced to this tremendous ministry. Praying for God’s continued protection in the days ahead."
Maggie Haggberg, First Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City

"Go Cricket! You're my hero! I love you!"
Bonnie Fye, 5-trip deCycles veteran

"Thank you for posting all of these beautiful pictures. Finding Keenan in them is like finding Waldo. I've been sharing the pictures on Facebook for family and friends who are not familiar with the deCycles. :) Thank you for all that you do."
DeeAnna May, parent

"Sounds like a character building day : ) Best wishes for a safe trip down the road."
Caitlin VanKooten, 5-trip
deCycles veteran and 2-time Little 500 champion

"Great photos you just uploaded Norm! You are making such an impact on those kids and adults!"
Nathan Seiling,
deCycles veteran 

"Great pictures. The trip looks great."
Steve Holbrook,
deCycles parent

"Daphne - You're doing a fantastic job!! Thank you so much. With a child gone for four weeks, and limited use to their phone, these updates and photos help out with the separation anxiety on the parents' end. Teenagers are doing just fine, I'm certain. ;) Thank you again for all of your hard work. I know you have little ones of your own, and one on the way, so your time towards this is greatly appreciated."
DeeAnna May, parent

"Wish I was there with you!"
Joe Law,
deCycles fan

"Norm- Thanks for the information. I know Kaleb is having a blast. He told me on the phone that this is his 'personal pilgrimage' and that he has learned so much! I am so thankful he gets to experience all the beautiful country out West...on Bike!!! What an experience of a life time!!

ps.....thanks to you and Cricket, and the whole team including my BFF Alison Evans!"

Renee Rich, parent