Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
~part 3~

What is a Typical Day Like?
Every day on deCycles is a little different depending on mileage, terrain, pre-planned host activities, sightseeing points of interest, and unplanned situations that arise. The average day begins with wake-up call at 6:00am. Each rider will don their riding attire, pack up their sleeping bag and personal gear, eat a hearty breakfast and report for cleanup of the overnight facilities. Next, the riders prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for the challenge of the day by stretching, focusing, and quieting themselves in a reverent manner.

Groups are picked randomly with a veteran group leader who has the riding information and map directions for the day. Departure is usually around 8:00am. Each group will ride approximately 15-25 miles to the first food and juice break. The riders will ride single file and usually average 14-15mph, but this speed depends on terrain, wind direction, weather, and traffic. Faster riders are often grouped together for their enjoyment. Lunch break is usually 45-60 minutes at the 40-50 mile mark. The afternoon food & water break is 15-25 miles after lunch. The group usually arrives at the overnight stopover around 4-5pm.

Riding through towns and major cities is very exciting and memorable. Police bicycle and motorcycle patrol units often escort the cyclists in parade fashion, riding double file through metropolitan areas. The deCycles have been escorted through more than 100 major cities in United States and Canada in the past. Roads are often chosen for scenery, safety and cycling thrills.

Now, after the daily biking adventure is over, the fun begins. Evenings on a deCycles trip can be special. After showers and supper, sing-a-longs, talent shows, talking with townspeople, going to a movie, writing postcards and trip journals, enjoying a stroll through a town park, and just plain friendship and discussion are all part of our overnight stays. Bikes needing mechanical work are tuned up at this time. Most riders zonk out about 10:00pm.

What will I learn on this trip?
You will learn that you can't always control what's on the outside, but you can often control what's on the inside! This is a challenging experience and will test your attitude and determination. By pulling together with others, you will quickly appreciate the value of teamwork. You will carry your own weight and learn to deal with others when you're tired, hungry, and frustrated. Rock-solid friendships often result from this journey with others. At least five married couples are deCycles veterans who first met on the bike trip. You will become an expert cyclist, and will have an increased "road sense". Most importantly, you can discover more inner strength, spirituality, and clearer understanding of who you are and your place in this world.