Answers to Commonly Asked Questions or concerns
~part 4~

"I've never done anything like this. People who join events like deCycles do them all the time."
Not true! Very few of this summer's cyclists will have ever done anything like deCycles . Some riders are good athletes, and some always finish last in sporting events or have never even been in a sport. Some can take a bike apart and rebuild it, others have just mastered pumping up their tires. The deCycles attracts participants from a variety of backgrounds, making it an extremely unique and diverse experience.

"I don't have a bike or the money to pay for this trip."
Much effort has been made to minimize the cost of this high adventure. It is an excellent price compared to similar programs. Sponsorships and scholarships may be available in your church or community to support your efforts to go on this trip. Fundraising events have been done in the past. Please contact deCycles if you would like to participate in these efforts. Also there are several ways to get a bike if you can't afford a new one. An investment in a bike will last longer than the summer. In Bloomington, there are used road bikes galore. If purchasing a bike is out of the question, try borrowing one from a friend.   You could also persuade a local bike shop to sponsor you by donating a bike in your name, or have local patrons of the shop pitch in to buy you a bike for this historic trek. You can also rent a bike from a local bike shop.

"I don't think I can make it. I've never biked 75-80 miles at once."
Yes, you can! The deCycles is challenging, but the pace is moderate, and you have the whole group behind you. You'll grind up and glide down hills, chat with co-cyclists, and enjoy every rest stop. One of the most exciting parts of the trip is being able to surpass expectations you previously held of your physical and mental capacity. The unique spiritual nature of the deCycles program will help you get through the day.   And you will probably lose weight and sport an awesome tan. You'll look better than ever!

Have the deCycles received any awards or acknowledgments?"
As a result of community effort and it's effects, the
deCycles have earned several acknowledgments including the following:

Thirteen deCycles veterans have taken the checkered flag in the Indiana University Little 500 bicycle race from 2004 to 2011.

Special visitor status at the World Trade Center and Crash Site of Flight 93 in 2011.

Represented the International Firefighters Union to raise American flag at Ground Zero in NYC in 2011.

Returned the Ground Zero American flag to Bloomington, IN for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Remembrance Event.

deCycles Day Proclamation, June 24, 2005. City of Hartford City, Indiana

Chicken Soup For the Nature Lover's Soul - Inspirational deCycles story published in this international best-seller book released in March 2004.

deCycles Day Proclamation, June 30, 2003. City of West Palm Beach

Unrestricted passage of deCycles through Kennedy Spaceport, July 4, 2003.

College credit for participation through Indiana University HYPR Department.

deCycles Day Proclamation, June 22, 2002. City of Bloomington.               

Special visitor status at World Trade Center and Crash Site of Flight 93 in 2002.

Special visitor status at The White House in 1999.    

Ambassadors to Canada designation by Bloomington mayor in 1997.            

Key to Hartford City, Indiana.

Key to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Numerous newspaper articles, radio and TV broadcasts since 1996.