Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
~part 1~

What is deCycles?
deCycles is a three week cross-country cycling adventure for teens, college students and young adults. The deCycles combines a physical and mental challenge with spiritual growth in the summer experience of a lifetime. This is much more than a bike trip. It is a powerful transforming and rewarding pilgrimage, a chance to do something really different. Many deCycles veterans can't wait to do it again.

What if I am not an experienced cyclist?
The deCycles roster includes students & young adults of all backgrounds and cycling abilities. Since 1996, over 1200 student cyclists between 13-24 years of age have successfully completed the deCycles summer bicycle trips. If you are in good health and follow the necessary training guidelines which include pedaling a minimum of 500-miles and participating on at least five group rides after your application has been accepted, you will be able to do this trip.  Mental determination is as important as physical ability on deCycles. The noncompetitive nature of deCycles makes it attractive to a wide spectrum of people. Everyone can be victorious when they finish the trip. You will certainly build awesome muscles and will grow in ways beyond mere physical strength and endurance.

What if I can't ride fast?
The deCycles trip is not a race. It is a chance to see our beautiful country at a slower pace. You will be averaging about 85 miles/day, without having to carry anything on your bike. You will be required to use a multi speed road bike with 700 x 23-25C wheels and tires. This is the easiest and most comfortable bike to ride for long distances. Practice rides scheduled before this trip will get you in shape and assist in your riding technique and safety. With the right equipment and preparation, an inexperienced cyclist is often surprised by their newfound capabilities in cycling.

Who rides on deCycles trips?
The roster is evenly divided between males and females who are students in college, high school, and middle school. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders are welcome. Adult participation is welcome but preference is given to student registration. Most of the riders come from the Bloomington area and the state of Indiana. Previous rosters have included riders from over 25 states, Canada, Germany, Egypt and Australia. Nearly half of the roster is often made up of
deCycles veterans. A few riders are serious racers, but most are just casual bike riders, and many rookies are brand new to the sport.

Who will carry my stuff?
Each rider will be given a packing list of personal gear and apparel. Your mid-sized duffle bag of gear and sleeping bag will be packed and transported daily in a cargo truck. This truck will be loaded and unloaded every day at the designated stopover location. Your biking equipment will be secured overnight.